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Why Cloudwad?

In cloud Services where the data is remotely managed, maintained and  backed up online.

There are some Pros and Cons on the cloud services which should be considered before moving onto the cloud services.


Pros:   Easy to scale up the infrastructure anytime.
Cons:  To scale up more capacity can give less I/O speed.

Shared Hosting

Pros:  Less cost in shared web hosting.
Cons:  Multiple loads can impact the workload in shared hosting.

High Availability

Pros:  High availability & redundancy with cloud hosting
Cons:  More complexity, Less reliable while accessible from redundant resources.


Pros:  Manage & maintain  the data online over the internet.
Cons:  Capping on bandwidth, No access in case of internet failure.


Pros:  Pay the cost as per usage of infrastructure.
Cons:  Hidden costs on other services of firewall, security, bandwidth etc.

Do you think?

  • Is your internal infrastructure future ready?
  • Is your infrastructure ready to scale up in sudden demand?
  • Is your data center secure and risk free?
  • Is your setup ready for 24X7 monitoring?
  • Are you already using cloud services but not satisfied?
  • Do you know, what infrastructure is being delivered in the cloud?


Our Commitments:

We take care of all your IT needs while you focus on your business.

CloudWAD Team can assist to assess your complete  IT environment and provide the precise approach on the  cloud transformation.


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